Raúl González

Raúl González was born in Madrid, Spain on Jun. 27, 1977. For distinguished performances and arduous efforts, he was widely considered as one of the greatest footballers of his generation. When he was young, outstanding talents and amazing performances of him listed himself into the first division team from the fourth division team of Real Madrid in a short time. In his 16-year-long playing career at Real Madrid, he has won 323 goals as the best goal-scorer for the club in 741 games.

And throughout his whole international career, he has won 44 goals in 102 games when he played for the Spain national football team. In 1996, he began cutting a striking figure in Spain football shirt at a game against the Czech Republic. Raúl claimed a place at the Spain national football team for competitive advantages on football fields, such as powerful shot, speed, dribbling, header and long shot. In 1999, he was assessed as the best forward. Some classic scenes on football fields are inscribed in spectators’ minds.

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